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Gabrielle Dorian


Gabrielle Dorian is short enough to walk through most hallways without ducking. But what she lacks in stature, she makes up for by wearing platform shoes. She loves to dance, and roller skate, and play pool. You don’t have to ask her twice to join you for some stand up paddle boarding. Unless she’s busy. Then she’ll give you a raincheck.


Waking Up in Vegas

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Vegas in June is known for drunken thrills and bad decisions, but not for introverted estate planning attorney, Mallory, who doesn’t take risks and intends to make partner. She finally gets a chance to show the firm that she has what it takes, when she is assigned the one case she would rather die than work on–a divorce that might end up in court.

Mallory’s paralegal, Amanda, thinks Mallory should date opposing counsel, Tyler Scott, the “hot nose ring lawyer.” But even if she weren’t relationship phobic, Tyler’s client is his quirky mother, who may or may not want the divorce, so he’s off limits. Amanda wants to expedite the divorce and date Mallory’s client. Mallory has to stop Amanda, resist Tyler’s romantic advances, keep his mother out of jail, and work frantically to get the case settled before another shoe drops.

 —– A romantic comedy.

 Longest. Quickie. Divorce. Ever.

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Debut author Dorian offers a romance between two attorneys on opposite sides of a Las Vegas divorce.

Tyler Scott, a single Chicago lawyer, wakes up to a late-night text from his mother, Quinn Scott.She says that she impulsively married wealthy Las Vegan Richard Brooks while under the influence of alcohol, and now the two are planning a road-trip honeymoon in a Winnebago. The next morning, Vegas attorney Mallory Moore is assigned her very first divorce case; she’s been getting over a breakup with her cheating ex-boyfriend, consoling herself with jogging, shopping, and dishing with her friend and paralegal, Amanda Amundson. It turns out that Quinn left Richard the morning after their wedding; Tyler, representing his mother, flew to Vegas and ended up in a conference room with Mallory, who has Richard as a client. A story of seductions gone awry unfolds as Mallory and Tyler, and Quinn and Richard, question their perceptions of commitment. The two young lawyers grow closer, but when she discovers an incriminating text on Tyler’s phone, she finds herself at a crossroads. Dorian ably delivers snappy one-liners and witty banter: “This isn’t a butt dial,” says Amanda, when she calls Mallory unusually early in the morning. “My butt lost its phone privileges when it kept calling that asshole, Rusty.” “That wasn’t your butt calling Rusty,” Mallory replies. “That was tequila.” The use of text messages as an integral part of the story is just frequent enough to be realistic without becoming distracting. Both Mallory and Tyler are intelligent, passionate, and funny, their chemistry rings true, and the supporting characters around them are just as fine-tuned. The climactic conflict is a bit obvious and it might have been resolved more quickly if the characters simply talked to one another. But overall, the novel offers frothy escapism, highlighting the wonderful weirdness of Sin City.

A sexy romantic comedy with memorable characters and plenty of humor and heart.

Five Star Reviews

Waking Up in Vegas by Gabrielle Dorian is a romantic comedy with the emphasis firmly on the comedy side. Mallory is an estate planning attorney, a shy girl who hates taking risks. She is working towards partnership in her law firm and the opportunity arises for her to show them just what she is made of – a divorce case that has every chance of ending up in a court case. Mallory is being pushed by her paralegal, Amanda, to get together romantically with Tyler Scott, the counsel for the other side. However, Mallory just isn’t interested in a relationship and anyway, the client is Tyler’s mother and she isn’t too sure she wants a divorce. Amanda wants the case done and dusted so she can date Mallory’s client and Mallory has her hands full trying to get the case sorted, get Tyler’s mother out of jail and keep Amanda’s hands off Mallory’s client. There’s only so much a girl can do!…

Anne-Marie Reynolds

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