Your lawyer is a pitbull. A ruthless, heartless killing machine who does not settle and who does not back down. Your lawyer picks up a sword and charges into the arena to battle on your behalf. Your lawyer takes the blows, and bleeds, and continues to fight. A dedicated, dauntless soldier. And all your lawyer seeks is approval from the judge…

But have you stopped to consider why?

Your lawyer perhaps was not held enough as a child. Perhaps not given the “Hey, I’m proud of you,” from daddy. Sure, your lawyer went to law school…but unless it was Harvard Law School, or maybe, MAYBE Stanford, your lawyer has deep-seated insecurities that drive the antagonism. (And as the daughter of an HLS alum, I can tell you that even they are not immune to the insecurities).

So tell your lawyer “Good job,” or, “I appreciate the hard work,” and, “Hey, you look really hot in that suit.” Because they really want to hear it. Give them a hug, or a handshake/arm pat combo, when you give them a retainer check. It keeps them motivated and thirsty for blood. Be nice to your lawyer, and they will be brutal and merciless for you.