One evening at home, I prepped the files for the seven hearings I was scheduled to appear on the next day. They were set back to back to back, and so on, until the last. Each of them involved someone who had been convicted of driving while intoxicated at least three times. And in fact, the next seven days would prove to be packed with either participating in or preparing for these types of hearings. Those and tax hearings, but I won’t write about what happened in the tax hearings.


Anyway, I prepped well for those seven days, all the hearings, and the thought of the seven deadly sins kept randomly intruding and preventing me from concentrating on the task at hand because I have to mentally list them all and I can never name all of them unless I see a list! It’s like those times when you can’t think of an actor’s name or you blank on a word that’s on the tip of your tongue and it drives you crazy until you fill the hole in your life with the right answer.


Wait! Before you look below, try to mentally name all of the deadly sins.


So here they are (I totally cheated and found the list on Wiki):









I always remember sloth. And gluttony. I usually remember greed and envy. The other ones though, I tend to forget. I’m not sure if that says something about me or if it’s truly just that the synapses in my brain don’t snap together (or do whatever they gotta do to make a memory) when I see those words in the list. Something to think about.


Well, that was a nice little excursion. Back to the research…those legal briefs aren’t going to write themselves. Here’s hoping I don’t get distracted again because I can’t mentally complete the list.